M i D í a

            Today is Your Day

            Who We Are

            We are a photography and videography team based in Roseville, California. With the ability to travel world-wide, we'll go the extra mile to capture your project.

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            How We Started

            Founder and CEO Sean Coley previously worked as an executive team leader for Target Corporation where he was employed for nine wonderful years. He had been working as a photographer on the side for a few years at this point and decided to take the leap and begin his own venture. In February of 2016 he walked out of his office and thought to himself, "Today is my day to start my own business... Mi dia." It was at this point that "my day" being mentally translated into Spanish as "mi dia" made perfect sense. He would be starting a *media* company and "my day" just clicked *pun intended* as the focus *another intended pun* is all about the clients. In April of 2016, he traded in his red and khaki for a life of an entrepreneur. In January of 2017, all of the planning from the previous year was finalized and MiDia became a registered corporation in the state of California.