Company Registration

MiDia is an s-corporation, registered in the state of California. Headquarters is located in Roseville, California. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sean Coley holds 100% of shares. MiDia "Studios" is a brand and does not reflect a DBA.

California Secretary of State

Corporation Number: 3979776

City of Roseville, California

Business License Number: 00835634

Taxes & Permits

All transactions related to service are processed at our headquarters in Roseville, California. Any transactions related to product sales incur sales tax in the jurisdiction in which the sale took place.

Internal Revenue Service

Federal Employee Identification Number: 81-5337761

California Employer Development Department

Employer Tax Identification Number: 075-4458-8

California Department of Tax & Fee Administration

Sales & Use Tax Identification Number: 103-045676

Content & Brand

We reserve the legal claim to the name "MiDia" associated with multimedia services and all content produced. Do not copy or claim ownership to any work producted by MiDia unless expressed written consent has been provided by MiDia Corporation.

US Copyright Office

All content is copyright MiDia Corporation

US Patent & Trademark Office

Trademark: MiDia                         Service Mark: MiDia
Trademark: MiDia Corporation     Service Mark: MiDia Corporation
Trademark: MiDia Studios            Service Mark: MiDia Studios
Trademark: MiDia Booths             Service Mark: MiDia Booths
Trademark: MiDia Secrets
           Service Mark: MiDia Secrets

Third-Party Vendors

SmugMug (online photo gallery), BayPhoto (print lab), DropBox (online video storage), and Square (payment acquirer) are separate entities, not associated with MiDia Corporation. Any purchased made through the online gallery are not managed through MiDia Corporation. MiDia Corporation takes no responsibility of any transactions made through the gallery.


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