Company Registration

Secretary of State

California Corporation Number

City of Roseville, California

Business License Number

MIDIA is a registered corporation, classified as an S-CORP in the state of California and is solely owned by Sean Coley of Roseville, California. "Studios" and "Booths" are brands within the MIDIA company and do not reflect DBAs.

Taxes & Permits

Internal Revenue Service

Federal Employer Identification Number

Employer Development Department

California Employer Tax Identification

Board of Equalization

California Seller's Permit Number
03/01/2017 SR KH 103-045676

All transactions are processed through our headquarters location in Roseville, California and will acquire any tax rates that may legally be required. All productions outside of the city of Roseville, CA default to Roseville, CA as that is where the transactions take place unless local law of the production(s) state otherwise.

Content & Brand

US Copyright Office

All media content is © copyright MIDIA™
Do not reproduce or distribute without consent

US Patent & Trademark Office

Trademark / Service Mark

We reserve the name MIDIA for all multimedia services and goods including but not limited to photography, videography, art, audio, and digital graphics. All content is copyright material owned by MIDIA. Do not reproduce, claim ownership, or distribute without expressed written consent of MIDIA.

Employee Relations

Department of Homeland Security

US Citizenship and Immigration Services
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Workers Compensation

Employers Preferred Insurance Company
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IRA Investments

American Century Investments via ADP
Account Numbers for Internal Use Only

We are an equal opportunity employer and complete background checks on all employees. We offer competitive pay, workers compensation, and benefits to all employees who meet the requirements.



JP Morgan Chase
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Online Sales

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Service/Sales Payments

Square Inc.
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Alternative Payments

Cash, Checks, & PayPal May be Considered
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We primarily use the services of Square Inc. for in-person credit card sales and online invoices. We also accept cash, money orders, checks, and other methods. JP Morgan Chase, Stripe, Square Inc. PayPal, and Venmo are not directly affiliated with MIDIA. Their brands are trademarked entities.


Equipment & Accidental

Policy Numbers for Internal Use Only

Each client, employee, and contractor contract may differ with liability coverage, insurance, and responsibilities. Please refer to your individual contract(s) for more information or contact MIDIA if you have any questions.

Other Vendors


Client Galleries & Photo E-Commerce

Bay Photo

Print Services
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Print Services
Account Information for Internal Use Only

Our clients receive a free online gallery (hosted by where they can view photos and videos and have the option to download and print photos. When ordering photos through, they are printed and shipped by Bay Photo. MPIX is a company we order special print services from. Neither SmugMug, Bay Photo, or MPIX are affiliated with MIDIA and own the rights to their own trademarks and brands. If there is any issue with service with either vendor, please contact us.



Employee, Contractor, and Client Contracts
Contracts are Available via Our Online Portal

Copies of all contracts are held in our online portal. All employees, contractors, and clients have access to our online portal. If you need assistance gaining access, please contact us.