Why choose us overall?

We are far more than your average multimedia company.

Competitive Pricing

We conduct extensive research on our competitors' pricing and strive to provide more value and quality.

Tailored Service

Need help with something not included? Have a special request? Let us know! We're here to help.

Solid Reputation

We understand that the foundation of any business is exceptional customer service. Our goal is to provide an amazing experience and the highest quality results.

Speedy Results

Many of our competitors work alone. We are a team with specialized talents who work together to complete tasks quickly. 

Genuine Corporation

You'd be shocked by how many photographers and videographers operate without a business license. This creates a great risk for clients. We are a registered corporation in the state of California.

Content Backups

Raid arrays in our in-house servers keep your content save across multiple hard drives. To take it a step further, all of our content is safely backed up in an off-site 3rd party cloud location. Rest assured, your files will be safe and sound.


It's always better to be safe than sorry. We are covered with a full-scope business insurance plan which includes general and professional liability, medical claims, equipment, 3rd party locations, and more.


There are some secret features we only share with clients. Book us to find out what they are!

Why choose us for photogrpahy?

Hand-crafted detail.

Unique Results

Most of our competitors batch edit using presets (filters). We edit every photo individually by hand. For our fully retouched images, we spend an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours per photo using various techniques.

Safeguard Your Moments

Not all photography equipment is created equally. We use cameras that either have dual memory cards or wifi backups so in the event of a memory card failure, your photos are safely stored on a backup memory card or storage device.

Professional Lighting

Combining natural light with our professional lighting equipment, we're able to capture higher quality images and a wider dynamic range of exposure.

Larger Quantities

Many of our competitors offer shorter session times and less images per dollar. Longer session times enable you time to get comfortable in front of the camera, outfit changes, and total images to cull through. Variety is key to get the most out of your session.

Online Gallery

Your high resolution images are provided in an online gallery which is accessible 24/7. You can download, share, and even purchase professional lab prints directly from the gallery. We don't downsize images, forcing you to purchase prints from us.

Print Easily and Freely

We make ordering professional lab prints as easy as it gets. Choose from a variety of sizes, finishes, and even memorabilia. In the event that you'd like to print from another location, you are provided a print release which gives you the freedom to print your photos anywhere.

Why choose us for videogrpahy?

A cinematic experience that lasts a lifetime.

Smooth Footage

Using stabilizing gimbals, we are able to provide smooth and cinematic footage while also roaming freely without a tripod. This allows us to get a larger variety of shots and transition to different locations much quicker.

Fully Edited Productions

We edit our footage exposure, colors, and timeline extensively. We emphasize detail and timing, and include the right audio to match the ambiance of the scenes.

Professional Lighting

For scenes needing additional light, we provide constant lighting to ensure quality footage. Lighting is arguably the most important aspect to obtain quality images.

Right Equipment

We use a variety of high-end lenses to ensure to match the lens appropriately to each scene. We shoot in a log profile which extends the dynamic range of our cameras.

Aerial Perspective

For select projects, we may be able to provide drone footage if the airspace, venue, and weather are permitting.

Professional Audio

Audio is half of the production. We utilize wireless lavlalier microphones, professional audio recorders, and often directly record from venue mixing boards for the highest quality audio possible.