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General Information

• Weddings, quinceañeras, sweet sixteens, and other event packages are custom tailored
• Whether your event is small, large, local, or around the world, we're here for you
• Please reach out to us to build your custom package
• Bundling photo and video together may save you money if you require both services
• Deposits are required to reserve your date in our calendar and lock-in pricing
• Deposit values vary based on project size and other factors
• Pricing is valid for 30-days from quotation unless specified otherwise, without a deposit
• Dates are reserved on a deposit first-paid/first-reserved basis

Photography Information

• We often use lighting for indoor and outdoor use
• Lighting outdoors allows us to capture a higher dynamic range of light
• This allows us to avoid having the sky look blown-out white in most cases
• Lighting indoors and at night allows us to reduce or illuminate image noise/grain
• We often use a strobe with a diffused beauty dish or wireless flashes spread out
• We assist with directing and posing when needed
• Clients are encouraged to create Pinterest boards or save screen shots of poses
• We assist clients with emulating poses they'd like to recreate
• Our watermark is small, translucent, and tucked away in a corner to not be distracting
• We do not provide any raw or unedited images as they are unfinished works

Standard Photo Editing

• We adjust the exposure, highlights, shadows, colors, and black and white levels
• We also may create brushes to hand-blend spot adjustments in some cases

Advanced Photo Editing

• We filter down the event images to the best images, ensuring a variety
• In some cases, multiple photos may be combined to take the best elements from each
• We don't batch edit images using presets (pre-arranged settings - similar to filters)
• Each image is edited individually in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop
• Each edit takes an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete
• Frequency separation is used to retouch skin without losing texture
• We remove distractions such as fly-away hairs, background people, and objects
• We use dodging and burning techniques to bring out highlights and contouring
• We use various hand-blended curve adjustment layers to provide depth
• Complimentary colors are subtly applied and blended to enhance skin tones
• We apply sharpening over eyes, jewelry, and other features to bring extra attention
• We may use the liquifying tool to help posture
• We do not make any body modifications unless requested
• We generally recommend adding 5-15 of these edits to most large event packages
• The details in these edits are especially noticeable in medium-to-large prints

Photo Delivery

• All images are uploaded to your online gallery
• You can download, share, and even purchase prints from your digital album
• Prints come from Bay Photo, one of the highest-rated printing labs in the US
• All images are high resolution. We do not downsize your images.
• High resolution images ensure you are able to print high quality prints, even in large sizes
• A print release is provided upon request, allowing you to print the images anywhere
• Turnaround time varies based on project size and other factors

Videography Information

• We leverage stabilizing gimbals for most shots to provide smooth motion
• We use lights in many cases to help direct focus
• A wireless lavalier microphone may be used for direct audio recording
• Our audio recorder allows us to directly record from source mics and music
• Additional equipment can be rented to provide higher production levels
• We do not provide any unedited video content as it is unfinished work

Video Editing

• Each video is approached different in the editing process
• For most events like weddings and quinceañeras, each activity is broken into chapters
• Each chapter is trimmed, color-corrected and color-graded
• We often include licensed music in some chapters
• Most large events come with a "full" video and a "highlight"
• Based on a 10-hour day, most events similar to weddings range from 1 to 2.5 hours
• Most video projects also include a 60-second highlight, sharable to social media
• Highlights include licensed audio to avoid any copyright strikes when posting

Video Delivery

• Video projects are uploaded to a private Dropbox folder
• From Dropbox, videos can be downloaded and shared with friends and family
• For larger events, custom Blu-Rays can be purchased
• We custom design and print the front/side/back cover onto quality photo paper
• Every disc image is printed directly to the disc, not a peel and stick label
• Turnaround time varies based on project size and other factors

Free Photo Sessions

• The average quinceañera and sweet sixteen package includes a free photo session
• The free photo session is provided to allow clients to display a print during the reception
• The average wedding includes a free photo session as well
• Most wedding packages only including video receipt a free post-wedding session
• A post wedding session is a shoot on another day, wearing wedding attire
• Most wedding packages including photo or both have a choice of a post-wedding or engagement session

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