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Portrait Sessions

General Details

• $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve your date and price
• A new deposit is required if changing the date
• Pricing is valid for 30 days after quotation without a deposit
• Calendar reservations are on a deposit first-paid/first-reserved basis
• Remaining balance is due 1-day prior to session date
• Transportation may be provided upon request at an additional fee
• We no longer offer solo newborn or baby sessions
• We do; however, offer family sessions with newborns and babies


• Multiple outfit changes possible with our portable pop-up changing tent
• Feel free to send us a Pinterest board or screen shots of poses you'd like to capture
• We assist with posing when needed
• We often use lighting to capture a wider dynamic range and control the scene
• Lighting helps us prevent blowing out the sky and retaining its color in most cases
• Lighting also helps in low light scenes to avoid noise and grain and retain quality


• Shoot within 35 miles of the California state capitol building without a travel fee
• Any distance outside of that range does incur a modest travel fee
• Transportation can be provided for long-distance travel
• We have two very comfortable captains chairs in our second row
• Each passenger has their own optional heated seat and climate controls
• Connect to Bluetooth and put on your favorite music there and back
• A location list is provided to clients to assist with finding the perfect settings
• Clients are not obligated to use the locations listed. They're there for inspiration
• Most locations are free. However, clients are required to cover permits if required
• National, state, and even some city parks require permits as well as some private locations
• Some locations require requests to be submitted months in advance
• Permit requests are not always approved
• Clients are required to cover any entrance or large parking fees

Standard Editing 

• We filter down the session to the best images, ensuring a variety
• We don't batch edit images using presets (pre-arranged settings - similar to filters)
• We start with adjusting the color temperature, exposure, highlights, shadows, colors, etc.
• Some local spot adjustments may be made
• Our watermark is small, translucent, and tucked away in a corner to not be distracting

Advanced Editing

• Advanced edits begin with the processes from the standard edits
• Each image is edited individually in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop
• Advanced edits take an average of 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete per photo
• In some cases, multiple photos may be combined to take the best elements from each
• Frequency separation is used to retouch skin without losing texture
• We remove distractions such as fly-away hairs, background people and objects
• We use dodging and burning techniques to bring out highlights and contouring
• We use various hand-blended curve adjustment layers to provide depth
• Complimentary colors are subtly applied and blended to enhance skin tones
• We apply sharpening over eyes, jewelry, and other features to bring extra attention
• We may use the liquifying tool to help posture and add hair volume
• We do not make any body modifications unless requested


• Turnaround times for most sessions is 30-45 days but may vary based on workload
• Maternity sessions generally have a 14-21 day turnaround time
• If you need the edits completed sooner, please let us know prior to booking to see if it can be accommodated
• All images are uploaded to your online gallery
• You can download, share, and even purchase prints from your digital album
• Prints come from Bay Photo, one of the highest-rated printing labs in the US
• All images are high-resolution - We do not downsize your images
• High-resolution images ensure you are able to print high quality prints, even in large sizes
• A print release is provided, allowing you to print the images at any print lab of your choice, if not purchased directly from your gallery


Because each of our services can be custom tailored, please message us for pricing.

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